Saturday, 8 September 2007

These tears.

This one is inspired by the "Nosferatu" movie from 1921.

These tears that run down my spine are only shrouded by the veil of impeccable pain. That devours me.
I am a mere pawn in the eyes of fate, see her running away from me, see her leaving the scene of the crime, see her digging deep while withstanding her kind arm away from me, giving me nothing but blackness that sweeps me down - leaving me only with an awe to her magnificent beauty that mustn’t be touched.

I stand in your bedroom, alone. These tears that run down my spine can’t be seen. They are invisible. Like I will be too, soon enough.
You are no longer here. Have I scared you? Did I touch you badly? What have I done?

A question that haunts the human race for far too long, indeed. What have I done?
But alas, I am not of human kind.

These tears do not flow down my cheeks, but stay hidden where you cannot see.

A monster, you say I am.
Because I can’t demonstrate my grief like the other weaklings can? The pain of living by taking life.

Don’t worry. I’ll let you trick me. You can fool me. I will be gone when light comes.
When the living are blessed, I am cursed. Will you feel sorry for me, will you feel anything at all, will it matter, I do not know. In spite of all knowledge and wisdom I have gained, I will never know could you ever feel anything for me once I disappear into oblivion, a promise I am giving, to be gone when light comes.

These tears that run down my spine are no longer important. Only I am noticing them.
You’re scared. Shivering. How pretty. I’d love to take you away with me, somewhere far away, to the place you belong. I would like to forsake the day and live forever in the night.
But nothing is promising without you, and my life has no meaning, it has lost its charm, you buried me solid underneath the stone-like ground.

You don’t need to worry.

I will be gone as soon as light comes.


Daisy said...

it sounds so sinister. poor guy. if he's even a guy.

Marija said...

oh, yes he is. ;)

Paris said...

My friends alias name is nosferatu. So this is where he got it from @_@