Sunday, 2 September 2007

Opening lines (or the how and why)

Since I have been through more than enough creativity crisis over the last couple of days/months/years even, I am contemplating a little bit more and being more careful in choosing the things I want to write about.

When I was eight and decided that I want to write books, I had no idea what trouble I got myself in. Obviously.

One of these things is translating my work (miniatures only) from Croatian to English. Because it purges to write in “new” words and sentence structures. English is the only language I can do that so far, and while I’m doing it, why not share with the world when the almighty internet is here? :D
I might even get a couple of new friends since there can never be enough of friends to practice English with. Especially when I’m planning to apply to a Japanology course on my university in a year from now. The admittance exam, lectures, literature… everything is on English. (feel free to correct my grammar at any time) :p

In short, watashi wa Marija. Hajimemashite. :p

P.S. Life gets scary and stupid on a regular basis. It is our job to dig ourselves from the doo doo.

“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”


Daisy said...

hey thanks for commenting on my blog! :D

looking back, that conversation was pretty funny.

anyway, I also wanted to write books as a kid. still do but not as much as I used to. it's mostly on my blog these days.

take care!

Patience said...

Interesting to know.